Municipality of Bayham

Official Plan 5-Year Review 2017-2018

Official Plan 5-Year Review Open House held March 23, 2017 - Open House Information Boards

The purpose of the review is to determine any amendments to ensure the Official Plan is up-to-date, has regard to matters of Provincial interest, is consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement 2014 and is consistent with the Elgin County Official Plan.  Municipalities are required to update their Official Plan every five years to ensure that the plan implements any changes to the PPS or provincial plans.  In addition, this review will ensure the policies and map schedules continue to address local land use planning priorities and changing community needs, as well as other site-specific issues which will affect certain land uses and/or areas of the Municipality. The effect of the amendments will be an updated Official Plan document, which will allow Municipal Council to fully realize the goals and objectives currently outlined in the Official Plan document. 

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