Municipality of Bayham

Public Notice - Pesticide Use within the Municipality of Bayham

The Municipality of Bayham intends to control invasive Phragmites on rural roadsides. 

Using the following pesticides: Roundup Weathermax with Transorb 2 Technology Liquid Herbicide (PCP Reg.#27487), containing the active ingredients of Glyphosate, present as Potassium Salt under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada). The adjuvant MSO CONCENTRATE with Leci-Tech(PCP Reg# 28385), containing the active ingredient of Methylated seed oil of soybean 70% under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada) will be used

The Municipality of Bayham is controlling Invasive Weeds under Public Works Exception of the Cosmetic Pesticides Ban to the promotion of public health and safety  

Spraying will commence on August 4, 2020 weather permitting and continue until August 31, 2020.                  

DATED at the Municipality of Bayham this 24 day of July 2020.

The Municipality of Bayham                                   

Steve Adams                                                                     

Manager of Public Works                                                    



Green Stream

Steve Ford


Collect Calls Accepted

Detailed mapping of Phragmites control locations:

Map 1

Map 2

Map 3