Municipality of Bayham

Proposed Bayham Drive Bridge Closure

Replacement of the Bayham Drive Bridge previously closed following an engineering inspection is not considered to be cost effective to the Municipality of Bayham.  In that regard the proposed plan is to remove the existing bridge and place permanent barriers across the bridge approaches with warning signs.

The proposed project is being planned under Schedule B of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA). The Municipality of Bayham is the project proponent.

Notice of Completion - Bayham Drive Bridge - MCEA

If there is no request received by MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2017, the Municipality of Bayham will proceed to final design and implementation for the Bayham Drive Bridge closure and removal, as presented in the planning documentation.

Interested persons should provide written comment to the municipality on the proposal within 30 calendar days from the date of this Notice. Comment should be directed to the Chief Administrative Officer at the Municipality of Bayham.

If concerns arise regarding this project, which cannot be resolved in discussion with the municipality, a person or party may request that the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change order a change in the project status and require a higher level of assessment under an individual Environmental Assessment process (referred to as a Part II Order).  Reasons must be provided for the request. Requests must be received by the Minister within 30 calendar days of this Notice.

Project Screening Report - Bayham Drive Bridge

Documentation Report - Bayham Drive Bridge

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