Municipality of Bayham

Bayham Bench Program

Section 1 - Purpose

1.1 The Council of The Corporation of the Municipality of Bayham is desirous of instituting a Bayham Bench Program to install benches in various locations within the Municipality.

Section 2 - Procedure

2.1 The Bayham Bench Program will be coordinated by the Harbourfront Committee and staff.

2.2 The Bayham Bench Program will be executed as follows:

i. The Metal Fabricator, Mr. John Knelsen will build the metal and wood benches;
ii. Ontario Laser Cutting Inc. will provide plaques for the benches;
a. the Plaques will be limited to 50 characters including spaces.
iii. The Public Works Department will approve location for benches, pick up and install the benches ;

iv. The Bayham Bench Program Sponsorship cost will be $300.00 per bench;

2.3 All Benches within the Bayham Bench Program and the previous East Pier Bench Program are the property of the Municipality of Bayham and may be relocated or replaced at the discretion of the Municipality.

i. The Municipality will maintain the Bench Plaque for a period of ten (10) years.

2.4 Appendix ‘A’, attached hereto, as Bayham Bench Sponsorship Application / Agreement Form shall be binding 

 Bayham Bench Sponsorship Application Form