Municipality of Bayham

Burn Permits

Municipality of Bayham By-Law 2006-047 regulates the setting of open air fires.  The by-law sets requirements for size, location, safety measures and burn permit requirements for fires such as cooking fires, campfires and fires for disposal of specific items.

Burn Permits

Individuals wishing to set an open air fire except for cooking fires and campfires must obtain approval, in the form of a burn permit, from the Fire Chief prior to setting a fire. A burn permit outlines specific requirements, restrictions and guidelines the applicant must adhere to when conducting an open air fire. Burn permits are issued for rural areas only.

Attend the municipal office to obtain a burn permit during regular office hours.

Fires Exempt from a Burn Permit

There are certain instances where individuals may conduct a fire without obtaining a Burn Permit.

Cooking fires consisting of charcoal, compressed gas, or wood fire confined within a barbecue or grill constructed of metal, ceramic, stone, or masonry, exclusively designed for and used for the cooking of food are exempt anywhere in the Municipality of Bayham.

Campfires with the permission of the property owner, on privately owned lands in rural area are permitted provided the campfire is to provide warmth or used for cooking.

A fire in a Chiminea is permitted provided all openings in the Chiminea are completely covered by a suitable metal wire mesh and is not located on any combustible surface. Anyone conducting a fire must ensure smoke or other emissions from the fire do not travel to a neighboring property causing discomfort to persons, loss of enjoyment or normal use of property, interference with normal conduction of business, or damage to property. In addition smoke or other emissions from the fire shall not travel across any public roadway causing a public safety hazard.

All fires must be attended at all times by a responsible person. At the completion of the burn the fire must be completely extinguished and the burn site made safe before it is left unattended.

Burning is prohibited at any location where there is a reasonable probability of fire spreading to a building, structure, grass or other combustible vegetation or material.  Burning is prohibited and all Burn Permits are automatically suspended when there is a smog advisory or alert issued by the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Energy or when the Fire Chief, or designate issues a Ban on any or all Open-Air Fires.


For inquiries please contact:

Randy White | Fire Chief    


T:  519-866-5521