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Calton Cemetery

On May 14, 1881, Bartholomew John Timpany and Sarah Ann Timpany sold a portion of land measuring 99’ x 325’ for $1.00 to the trustees of the new Van Pine Cemetery Board for a burial ground to be used by any Christian Organization, subject to the rules of the Trustees of Van Pine Cemetery Board, and said Trustees shall set rules of the burial grounds upholding Christian teachings. The Van Pine Cemetery Board members were: Charles Timpany, Mahlon McCouneld, Ercelius VanVelzer.

We do not know where the name Van Pine came from unless the cemetery was in a plantation of pine trees. In 1920 and 30, there were a number of large pine trees still growing in front of the cemetery.

Plots No.1 on either side of the driveway were reserved for burials of paupers (strangers). Plots No. II were sold to Elijah Phelps and children or heirs as in the Deed for $1.00. The size of the plot was 13’ x 41’ on the south side of the driveway. Plots No. III were sold to Bradford Wilson and family for $1.00. The size of the plot was 13’ x 41’ on the north side of the driveway.

Many Christian Churches are represented here – Baptist, United Church, Lutheran, Catholic, Evangelical, Mennonites, etc. Presently, there are approximately 350 different families represented here. It seems there were burials on this property as early as 1829, and apparently this same land was purchased for the cemetery in 1881, and carried on as such.

Since 1881, the Cemetery has been enlarged about four times, and each time it was done by moving the fences out further instead of buying the land from the owner. In 1971, C. D. Phillips Ltd. gave the Cemetery additional land that consisted of 100 more burial plots, and at this time the Deed was corrected to cover the land the Cemetery had expanded to in the past years.

Calton Cemetery Decoration Day - 3rd Sunday in August



Calton Cemetery

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