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Land division in Ontario generally occurs by plan of subdivision. If several severances are intended in the same area, this process may be more appropriate. It is a process that involves the laying out of roads, division of land into lots or blocks, the dedication of lands for other public purposes, and entering into subdivision agreements. This process involves wide consultation with the public and government agencies.
 Where land division is minor, involving only one or two lots and, for example, where a plan of subdivision is clearly unnecessary for orderly development, the Planning Act provides a simpler process, called the granting of consent.  The approval authority for a Consent Application is the Elgin County Land Division Committee.

Consent (Severance) application forms are available at the Municipal Office and the County of Elgin office or from the County website by clicking on:

Elgin County Land Division

Contact Information
Susan Galloway, Land Division Secretary-Treasurer
Office Hours: Monday - Friday  8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Land Division Secretary | Treasurer
T:  519-631-1460 EXT. 104


Within 90 Days

At Least 14 Days

Within 15 Days

Within 20 Days

Within 30 Days

Within 15 & 30 Days

End of One Year

Within 2 Years






















































































 Application submitted with prescribed & other required info s.53(1-3). If dispute arises re whether application is complete, a motion may be made to OMB s.53(4 & 4.1) in order to commence timeline
Notice required before decision made. Public meeting could be required by Regs. Approval authority may require local council to perform these requirements & forward record s.53(5) s. 4 O.Reg 197/96
Decision required or appeal may be filed s.53(14)
Notice of decision to refuse or to grant provisional consent s.53(17)
Appeal to be filed 5.53(19). If appealed, record to be forwarded to OMB within 15 days 5.53(28). If no appeal, decision is final s.53(21)
On appeal OMB can consider an amended application; but must decide whether further notice is necessary 5.53{35)
If further notice is given, recipients may advise OMB of intention to appear. After 30 days OMB may resume hearing or make its decision s.53(36)
Conditions may be changed at any time before consent is given. If conditions are changed, notice must be given within 15 days s.53(24)
Changed conditions maybe appealed within 20 days after notice is given s.53(27)
Consent is deemed refused if conditions aren't fulfilled within 1 year after decision of Committee to grant consent or within 1 year after OMB Order on appeal of consent or revised conditions s.53(41 ). Certificate must be issued to show consent is given s.53(42).
Consent lapses if transfer is not completed within 2 years after certificate is given s.53(43)