Municipality of Bayham

Developable Lands Inventory

The Municipality has completed a review of parcel-specific developable lands within the Municipality in order to help address supply and demand for housing.  Throughout the region there is generally a low amount of supply and high demand, as well as affordability issues.  There is a lack of suitably available lots in the Municipality for the construction of new dwellings and this review of developable lands within settlement area boundaries aims to help stakeholders better identify lands with viable development potential. 

Supporting documentation includes:

Map Package - detailing potential lots and total vacant land for each applicable settlement area

Spreadsheet Database - information includes current zoning, lot size, potential lots (minimum and maximum) and potential planning and development requirements.  A corresponding number was added on the maps for each lot by settlement area to assist in review.

Additional Studies

Along with the items in the “Development Requirements” column there may be additional studies required to develop the lands in support of applications for Plan of Subdivision, Consent, Zoning By-law Amendment, LPRCA Regulation Limit, etc.  Those studies may include:

  • Land use planning and design;
  • Environmental and natural heritage;
  • Natural hazards;
  • Transportation;
  • Municipal servicing and infrastructure;
  • Cultural heritage;
  • Other land use planning matters that are of public health and safety;
  • Land use justification report;
  • Agricultural impact assessment; or,
  • Archaeological assessment.