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Eden Cemetery | Old Eden Cemetery

Edwin Gray donated the site of the Eden Cemetery, as well as property for the Baptist Church and the parsonage. After pine stumps were removed and the hilltop leveled, Jesse Ball, Provincial Land Surveyor (P.L.S.) surveyed into plots 12 by 16 feet, with a four-foot walk around the sides of a double plot.

Plots were awarded to persons who had done a stated amount of work in the clearing and leveling. The price per plot was $10, raised to $15 and then $20, including perpetual care.

Once perpetual care was introduced, a plentiful supply of water was secured when Wilfred Nelson bored a well. C.C. Travis and Nathan Gray paid for the pressure system.

The boundary of land given to the cemetery had been the base of the hill. As space became nearly all occupied, adjoining land was sought. When Mrs. Maud Wilson sold to Nathan Gray, he presented the church with the land desired.

A former Pastor, Rev. George F. Humphries, introduced perpetual care. Wilfred Nelson became caretaker and Cecil Ball treasurer.

The first Decoration Day was held in September 1952 with a large attendance. The Tillsonburg Community Band aided in the ceremonies. The guest speaker Rev. Swackhammer gave the address and the Eden Baptist Choir closed with the anthem “When the Roll is Called up Yonder.”

 Eden Cemetery Decoration Day - 1st Sunday in September



Eden Cemetery | Old Eden Cemetery

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