Municipality of Bayham

Firby Cemetery

In the early days of the settlement of this section of Canada and before a railroad was built, churches or chapels, as they were called, were built, to accommodate the early settlers.

On the north-east corner of Concession 10, Bayham Township, Lot 1, was built one known as Benson’s Chapple, and for burial purposes a burial place was selected one mile south, and was known as the Firby Cemetery, no doubt owing to it being a sandy knoll, and the property belonging to one Thomas Firby one of the early settlers.

It was used as a burial place before the deed was given for that purpose, as the dates on some of the tombstones will signify by their dates of burial.



Firby Cemetery

A:  10968 Springer Hill Rd,

Aylmer, ON

N5H 2R3