Municipality of Bayham

Health and Safety

The Corporation of the Municipality of Bayham is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for its employees, visitors, and contractors, and the prevention of occupational illness and injury in the workplace. In order to achieve this objective, the Municipality will:

  1. Comply with all relevant legislation and standards related to health and safety;
  2. Identify and control hazards which may result in occupational injuries or illnesses, or property damage;
  3. Develop, implement, and monitor health and safety programs to fulfil these objectives;
  4. Educate employees to increase the awareness of health and safety principles throughout the Municipality and ensure that senior management, supervisors, and workers have the skills to carry out their responsibilities;
  5. Ensure that supervisors monitor their workers’ safety performance, and take appropriate disciplinary action when employees fail to comply with safe work practices and procedures;
  6. Include health and safety as a criterion in evaluating job performance
  7. Establish a communication system to inform visitors about potential hazards, so as to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all;
  8. Recognize all employees have a role and responsibilities in health and safety;
  9. Review this policy annually.

In addition, all employees of the Municipality of Bayham commit to performing their jobs safely and in accordance with this policy and legislative requirements.


Municipality of Bayham Health & Safety Policy 1
Corporate Health & Safety Statement 2
Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee 3
Orientation Program 4
Training Policy 5
Commitment to Civil Workplace Environment 6
Discrimination & Harassment in the Workplace 7
Violence in the Workplace 8
Progressive Discipline 9
Health & Safety Communications 10
Posted Materials 11
Continuous Improvement Plan 12
Hazard Analysis Policy 13
Refusal to Work – Health & Safety Danger 14
Personal Protective Equipment 15
First Aid Policy 16
Visitor-Volunteer Accident 17
Incident/Accident Reporting & Investigations 18
Workplace Inspections 19
Accommodation - Early & Safe Return to Work 20
Working Alone Policy 21
Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS) 22
Preventative Maintenance 23
Smoking in the Workplace 24
Contractors-Subcontractors 25
Alcohol & Drug Addiction Policy 26
Equipment Purchase 27
Ergonomics Policy 28
Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) 29
Confined Spaces Policy 30
Asbestos in Buildings 31
Elevator Malfunction 32
Excavation & Trenching Policy 33
Extreme Cold & Heat Stress Policy 34
Fall Protection Policy 35
Safe Use & Care of Ladders 36
Flammable Liquids 37
Fungal Growth Policy 38
HIV/AIDS Policy 39
Hot Work Policy 40
Housekeeping Policy 41
Hygiene Survey Policy 42
Lifting Devices 43
Lockout – Electrical 44
Machine Guarding Policy 45
Municipal Driving Standards 46
Non-Routine Work Policy 47
Propane Safety Policy 48
Refuelling Municipal Vehicles 49
Safe Use & Care of Scaffolds 50
Safe Lifting Policy 51
Safe Use & Care of Electrically Powered Tools 52
Traffic Control Policy 53
Tree Cutting & Disposal Policy 54
Communicable Disease Policy 55