Municipality of Bayham

Household Waste Bag Tags

The 2017 Bag Tag Kits are now available at the Municipal Office for pick up.  Additional bag tags may be purchased for $2 a tag at the municipal office and the two locations shown below.  

Please Note: Property Owners only are permitted to pick up the 2017 Bag Tags. If an owner is not able to attend, one representative (appointed in writing by the Owner or upon completion of a municipal authorization form) may pick up the materials on their behalf. Owners will be responsible to distribute tags to their tenants. Tenants should contact the property owner(s) to obtain any tags.  All bags must be tagged with current year tags or they will not be collected. 


Marc's Gas Bar & Variety

A: 9554 Plank Road, Straffordville

Rose's Sandytown Variety

A: 9292 Plank Road, Straffordville