Municipality of Bayham

Leaf and Yard Waste Collection

Leaf and yard waste is collected curbside in the urban areas only.  Leaf and yard waste collection is carried out over a four (4) week period in both the spring and fall. 

2017 Spring Dates April 17 through to May 12, 2017

2017 Fall Dates October 23 trough to November 17, 2017

 Urban Areas include:

  • Calton
  • Corinth
  • Eden
  • Port Burwell
  • Richmond
  • Straffordville
  • Vienna

Each urban area will receive a minimum of one pickup each week.  This pickup will not necessarily occur on the regular waste collection day.  Please ensure leaf and yard waste is placed at the curbside by 7:00 am on Monday each week.  All leaf and yard waste must be placed in paper bags, open reusable containers, or bundled in lengths not exceeding four (4) feet.  Leaf and yard waste items do not require a bag tag. All individual containers must weigh less than 22 kilograms (48 pounds).