Municipality of Bayham


The Long Point Region Conservation Authority (LPRCA) is one of 36 Conservation Authorities in Ontario. The Long Point Region watershed – covers 2,782 square kilometres and is home to approximately 102,000 people. 

Since 1948, the LPRCA and its predecessors, Big Creek Region (1948-1970) and Otter Creek (1954-1970) Conservation Authorities have been empowered through provincial legislation to manage the watershed’s natural resources in partnership member municipalities and the Province of Ontario. 

LPRCA watershed priorities include services ranging from flood warning and erosion control; to tree planting, land use planning and forest management, as well as, operating a number of conservation areas to provide outdoor education and recreation opportunities. 



The ALUS vision: Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) has a simple, yet revolutionary goal…create a healthy landscape that sustains agriculture, wildlife and natural spaces for all Canadians.

The ALUS initiative expanded to the Municipality of Bayham in 2012 with the launch of the 3-year pilot project.  Under ALUS, farmers receive payments to deliver a variety of environmental services such as reducing soil erosion, improving water quality and enhancing wildlife habitat.

Farmers in the Municipality of Bayham are eligible for financial assistance to help them carry out projects aimed at restoring marginal farm lands and reducing erosion to benefit the entire watershed.  Examples of this include wetland creation and restoration, planting windbreaks, establishing riparian buffers and creating pollinator habitat.

Contact the Bayham ALUS Coordinator to determine if your project meets the eligibility requirements.