Municipality of Bayham

Official Plan

The Official Plan reflects a community vision for future change and development and outlines in a broad manner the land use and development guidelines for Bayham.  Generally, the Municipality of Bayham Official Plan guides growth and development within the urban limits of the hamlet areas. The Official Plan is implemented through the Zoning By-law.  The latest Official Plan was consolidated February 12, 2019.  Use the links below to view the Plan, Schedules, Table of Amendments and the Amendment Application.

1. Official Plan of the Municipality of Bayham
2. Official Plan Schedules (Maps)
3. Official Plan Table of Amendments (updated April 23/19) 
3. Official Plan Amendment Application



OPA No. 34 - Adopted October 5, 2023 - County approved November 14, 2023 - Last Date of Appeal December 12, 2023


Municipalities are required to update their Official Plan every five years to ensure that the plan implements any changes to the PPS or provincial plans.  The purpose of a review is to determine any amendments to ensure the Official Plan is up-to-date, has regard to matters of Provincial interest, is consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement 2020 and is consistent with the Elgin County Official Plan.    In addition, this review ensures the policies and map schedules continue to address local land use planning priorities and changing community needs, as well as other site-specific issues which will affect certain land uses and/or areas of the Municipality. The effect of the amendments will be an updated Official Plan document, which will allow Municipal Council to fully realize the goals and objectives currently outlined in the Official Plan document.  The most recent 5-year Review is complete.  The next 5-year Review will commence in 2023.

In 2010 Elgin County Council embarked on a program to develop the County’s first ever Official Plan, a policy document that sets out long-term goals and objectives for how a community wishes to grow and develop.  The Elgin County Official Plan was approved by the Province in October 2013. This long-range document is based on a planning horizon for the next 20 years and address matters of County importance while acknowledging local planning authority and the need to provide a balanced approach to planning in the County. Elgin County consists of seven local municipalities. 
 Elgin County Official Plan


 Municipal Official Plan Amendment Timeline


Within 30 Days

Within 15 Days After Decision Application is Complete

20 Days

At Least 20 Days

Within 15 Days

Within 20 Days

Within 15 Days

20 Days to Appeal

End of 180 Days

Various 20 Day Appeal Periods

Within 15 Days












































































































































     Application is submitted.
Authority must notify applicant whether application is complete s.22(61).  If notice is not provided, applicant or public body can motion to LPAT for determination at any time after 30 days s.22(6.3).  If notice is negative, applicant, public body or council may motion within 30 days s.22(6.2).  If notice is affirmative, the authority must circulate notice of the application to prescribed entities within 15 days.  Complete application begins 180 day timeline.
Notice of (completed) application circulated prescribed entities within 15 days after affirmative notice or LPAT decision that application is complete s.22(6.4).  Approval authority & prescribed entities are given an opportunity to review supporting materials & are consulted on proposed plan s.17(15). Adequate information is made available to the public at least 2o days in advance notice of the public meeting is given ss.17(19 &19.1).  Notice of public meeting can include “open house” (required for specified by-laws).
Open house (for specified by-laws) at least 7 days before public meeting ss.17(18& 19.4).
Public meeting held at least 20 days after notice & public information is provided s.17(19) & at least 7 days after open house.
Assume OPA is adopted. The "Record" is prepared by the municipality including the County of Elgin Approval Form A fee of $1000 payable by the Applicant to the approval authority.
Within 15 days, authority must give notice to specified persons s.17(23) & must forward record (for non-exempt plans) to approval authority s.17(31).  (For exempt plans, this notice commences appeal rights s.17(24).  Skip to second last box re time-line to file appeal).
Approval authority may further consult, circulate & confer in respect of non-exempt plans. If approval authority makes a decision, notice must be given s.17(35). No deadline is established for this notice except that a decision is required within 180 days and notice of refusal must be given within 15 days. With respect to approvals, notice must be given at some time in order that the OPA can come into effect after the appeal period expires.
Should council or planning board (at any point along the time-line) refuse to amend its OP, notice must be provided within 15 days s.22 (6.6).
Notice of refusal is provided. Appeal must be filed within 20 days after notice of refusal to amend OP s.22(7.0.3).
Decision required on (complete) private application within 180 days or appeal may be filed s.22 (7.0.2).
Appeal must be filed within 20 days after notice of adoption (for exempt plans) s.17(24) or within 20 days after notice of decision (typically a decision to approve) (for non- exempt plans) s.17(36). If there is no appeal, the by-law comes into effect the day after the appeal period expires s.17(27) or s.17(38).
Clerk or approval authority, as appropriate, to forward record of appeal to Ontario Land Tribunal within 15 days s.17(29) or (42).