Municipality of Bayham

Participant Responsibilities

Successful community engagement processes require respectful and constructive contributions of participants. Participants are responsible to:

  • Pursue community engagement with the belief that community involvement leads to better decisions
  • Focus on the decision to be made or the question to be answered
  • Recognize the Municipality must consider the needs of the whole community
  • Strive to reach sustainable solutions
  • Request alternative ways of participating if required
  • Listen to understand the views of others
  • Identify concerns and issues early in the process
  • Participate openly, honestly and constructively, offering ideas, suggestions and alternatives
  • Work in the process in a transparent, respectful and cooperative manner
  • Stay abreast of the project, engagement activities and related issues
  • Provide input and feedback within project timelines
  • Encourage others to become engaged, and offer input to the project and engagement activities
  • Provide contact information as requested, to receive updates about the community engagement process