Municipality of Bayham

Payment Options

Tax and Utility bills may be paid in one of the following ways:

1) In person or mail slot at the Municipal Office
  • (please do not put cash in mail slot) - 56169 Heritage Line, Straffordville
2) By mail addressed to P.O. Box 160 Straffordville, Ontario N0J 1Y0.
  •  Please ensure cheques are payable to Municipality of Bayham.
  • If you require a receipt, please enclose the complete bill and a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • All mail postmarked on or before the due date will be accepted as being received when due.
  • Please do not use staples.
3) Telephone banking
    • All major banks
    • May be subject to a bank service charge.
    4) Debit card payments are accepted at the municipal office.
    5) Pre-Authorized payment is available; use the links below or ask at the office for details.
    • Pre-authorized monthly payment plan is only available for property taxes.

    6)  E-transfer

    Please use for E-transfers, making sure the memo field clearly states the purpose of the payment such as dog tag, taxes, etc.

    Please include the property owner's name or roll number or account number or Customer ID or invoice number to ensure your payment is applied towards the intended purpose and account.

    Absence of reference information will delay processing.

    Municipality of Bayham Email Billing

    Would you like to receive your Property Tax and/or Water/Wastewater Utility Billings by email?

    In an effort to be more efficient and effective in the processing of Property Tax Bills and/or Water/Wastewater Utility Bills, the Corporation of the Municipality of Bayham provides the option for account holders to receive Property Tax Bills and Water/Wastewater Utility Bills by email.

    Receiving your Property Tax Bills and/or Water/Wastewater Utility Bills by e-mail will allow you to easily file these important documents electronically for future reference.  Further, you will be able to access these bills wherever you have access to your e-mail.  

    To sign up for email of future Property Tax Bills and/or Water/Wastewater Utility Bills please utilize the Email Billing – Subscribe Form available on the Municipal Website under ‘Forms’

    Please feel free to contact the Treasury Department with any questions that you may have regarding this service.

      NOTE:  Failure to receive a tax bill or utility bill does not excuse the taxpayer from the responsibility for payment of taxes or utilities and all penalties which have accrued.

      It would be greatly appreciated if tax bill concerns were brought to our attention prior to the due date in order that we may better serve you.

      Interest at a rate of 1.25% will be added monthly to all overdue tax accounts. Overdue utility bills are charged 5% following the due date.