Municipality of Bayham

Pioneer Edison Cemetery

This cemetery is located at the very end of King St., up a gravel path and through a gate. Unless there has been heavy rain, it is quite possible to drive up the gravel section of the road. In this secluded setting, you will find the graves of many of Thomas Edison’s relatives, including his grandfather.

This cemetery came under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Bayham in 1963 and was restored in 1965.
Some of the gravestones of note are:
Capt. Samuel Edison – This grave is located by the tree in the centre of the cemetery in the corner opposite the gate. Samuel Edison was the paternal grandfather of Thomas Alva Edison and donated the land now used as the Edison Pioneer Cemetery. Although the stone claims he died at the age of 103, it has been found, after much research, that he actually died at the age of 98. He came to Vienna with his elderly father and extended family in 1811 and eventually built a homestead on the banks of the Otter Creek. He became captain in the war of 1812, continuing his family’s United Empire Loyalist Tradition.
Nancy Simpson Edison – Nancy was the first wife of Captain Samuel Edison.  Her stone was previously considered missing but has since been located near Captain Samuel's and reads: In memory of Nancy 1st wife of Samuel EDISON who died Sept. 26th, 1824 in the 54th year of her age.

Nancy Elliott was the first wife of Samuel Edison Jr.  They were the parents of the inventor Thomas Alva Edison and are buried in Riverside Cemetery, Port Huron, Michigan.


Pioneer Edison Cemetery

A:  31 King Street East

Vienna, ON N0J 1Z0