Municipality of Bayham

Principles of Community Engagement

Inclusive: The Municipality encourages participation by those who will be affected by a decision. The Municipality builds relationships with stakeholders by using a range of tools to engage varied audiences.

Early Involvement: The Municipality involves the public as early as possible in the community engagement process so stakeholders have time to learn about the issue and actively participate.

Access to Decision Making: The Municipality designs processes that will give participants the opportunity to influence decisions.

Coordinated Approach: The Municipality coordinates community engagement activities to use community and Municipal resources effectively. 

Transparent and Accountable: The Municipality designs processes that are open and clear. Stakeholders will understand their role, the level of engagement and the outcome of the process.

Open and Timely Communication: The Municipality provides information that is timely, accurate, objective, easily understood, accessible, and balanced.

Mutual Trust and Respect: The Municipality engages the community in a fair and respectful way that fosters understanding between diverse views, values, and interests.

Evaluation and Continuous Improvement: The Municipality commits resources to evaluating engagement processes to ensure engagement activities are effective. 

Equitable Engagement Process: The Municipality designs engagement processes that allow all community members a reasonable opportunity to contribute and to develop a balanced perspective.