Municipality of Bayham

Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all Municipal roads, ditches and street lights.  From maintaining parklands, trails and infrastructure to plowing roads and maintaining facilities the community can enjoy, the Public Works Department is a group of staff dedicated to providing excellent quality service within the Municipality of Bayham.

Through the policies and procedures of Council, the Public Works Department makes every effort to ensure the Municipality not only meets service standards and obligations but to do so as effectively and as economically as possible.

Roadside Ditches

Roadside ditches are provided to prevent the draining of water from neighbouring properties onto the road allowance and vice versa. The Municipality will entertain land owner requests for roadside ditching improvements to facilitate tile drain or other drainage outlets. Such requests must be submitted in writing to the Drainage Superintendent prior to construction.  In some instances, the proposed ditching would qualify as drainage improvements under the Drainage Act.

Storm Sewer Services 

The Public Works Department is responsible for storm sewer cleaning. Reports of flooding caused by inadequate drainage will be referred to the Public Works Department for investigation.

For inquiries regarding drainage or storm sewers please contact:


Ed Bradfield | Public Works Operations Supervisor 

T:  519-866-5521


Community Mailboxes

 Canada Post is responsible for maintenance activities surrounding community mailboxes.  To report a problem please contact 1-866-607-6301