Municipality of Bayham

Registered Plan of Subdivision

A registered plan of subdivision creates new, separate parcels of land and can be legally used for the sale of lots. It should not be confused with “compiled plans” or “reference plans” which are used simply to describe parcels of land.
A registered plan of subdivision is a legal document that shows:
  • the exact surveyed boundaries and dimensions of lots on which houses or buildings are to be built;
  • the location, width and names of streets;
  • the sites of any schools or parks.

The County of Elgin is the approval authority for Plans of Subdivision and Condominium.

For more information visit:

The County of Elgin website for An Applicant’s Guide to the County of Elgin Subdivision and Condominium Review Procedures:

And Contact:

Brian Lima,

General Manager of Engineering, Planning & Enterprise / Deputy CAO

 County of Elgin

T: 519-631-1460 Ext 117 



Within 30 Days

Within 15 Days After Decision Application is Complete

At Least 14 Days After

180 Days After Completed Application at Least 14 Days Before Decision

Within 15 Days

15 Days

Within 20 Days

Within 15 Days

Within 20 Days

20 Days

End of 3 Years

Within 30 Days























































































































































     Application is submitted
Approval authority must notify applicant and affected municipality whether application is complete.51(19.1). If notice is not provided, applicant can motion to LPAT for determination at any time after 30 days s.51 (19.3). If notice is negative, the applicant or approval authority may motion within 30 days thereafter s.51 (19.2). A completed application begins the 180 day timeline.
Notice of (completed) application is circulated to prescribed entities within 15 days after affirmative notice or LPAT decision that application is complete s.51(19.4). Before its decision on the plan, approval authority may confer with such persons or public bodies as it considers may have an interest in the proposed subdivision s.51 (23). Any entity may make written submissions to the approval authority before its decision s.51 (22).
A public meeting is prescribed for subdivisions within a municipality or planning area s.S O.Reg 544/06. Notice must be given at least 14 days prior to the meeting s.51 (2) O.Reg 544/06. The approval authority may require the council or planning board to hold this meeting.
A public meeting must be held at least 14 days after notice and at least 14 days before the approval authority's decision s.51 (20). On the 15th day after providing notice of the meeting, the entity holding meeting must provide required info to approval authority s.51(21.1) b).
A decision can not be made within 14 days after the public meeting s.51 (20). On the 15th day after meeting, the entity the holding meeting must file required info respecting the meeting with approval authority s.51 (21.2) (c). A decision must be made within 180 days after the application is complete or an appeal may be filed s.51(34). Record to be forwarded to LPAT within 15 days s.51 (35). Assume draft plan approval is given, subject to conditions. Condition may require that approval lapses at some time not less that 3 years s.51 (32).
Notice of a decision to refuse an application or to provide draft plan of subdivision approval must be provided within 15 days after the decision s.51(37).
A decision may be appealed within 20 days after notice is provided s.51 (39). If there is no appeal, the decision is deemed made the day after the appeal period expires s.51(41).
At any time prior to final approval, the conditions of draft plan approval may be appealed. In addition, the approval authority may change the conditions or withdraw its approval s.51 (43 & 44).
If conditions are changed, notice must be provided within 15 days unless the approval authority determines that the changes are minor s.51(45 & 47)
Where notice of changed conditions is provided specified persons may appeal the change within 20 days s.51 (49). However, the applicant and a public body which took the required steps as part of the application review and approvals process may appeal conditions up to the time of final approval of the plan s.51 (43). The record of appeal must be forwarded to the LPAT within 15 days s.51 (50).
Draft approval lapses if a condition of approval requires their fulfillment by a date --which can not be sooner than 3 years after draft approval of the plan or an LPAT decision relating to the plan s.51 (32). Once the conditions are fulfilled, final approval may be provided s.51(58). The plan can then be tendered for registration in the Land Registry Office s.51 (57).
Approval authority may withdraw approval if plan is not registered within 30 days s.51(59).