Municipality of Bayham

Renewable Energy Approval

The Green Energy Act 2009 (GEA) and the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) are transforming the energy landscape and strengthening the province's commitment to conservation.  The result of this legislation is already evident across Elgin County with many private renewable energy projects underway. 

The legislation attempts to streamline the approval process by removing some barriers and establishing the Renewable Energy Facilitation Office (REFO), for a one-window access to help developers, communities and homeowners obtain information on creating renewable energy projects in Ontario. 

In most cases, proposed renewable energy facilities will require a Renewable Energy Approval (REA), however, certain types of projects are exempt because they are small or because they are regulated by other means (i.e. Class 1 and Class 2 Solar Facilities). 

Although some smaller scale projects may be exempt from Provincial approval, it remains important to notify your local municipality of your proposed project to protect your investment.  Your municipality can help you identify any potential issues with your proposed project before costly problems arise.  For example, your local municipality can identify existing utility or drainage easements that exist on your property and must remain accessible. 

For more information please contact the Renewable Energy Facilitation Office (REFO)