Municipality of Bayham

Site Plan Approval | Site Plan Agreement

Site Plan Approval is a planning review process that examines design and technical aspects of a proposed development. Site plans provide detailed information about development plans for a specific property. For example, site plans describe the location of parking, property access, building details, including elevations and landscaping details. Site Plan Approval concludes in a site plan agreement registered on title to the property.
Site Plan Control By-law 2016-047

Site Plan Control Application








Within 20 Days Decision of Council























































































     Consultation and/or Pre-Application Meeting. Municipality to issue Submission Requirements Letter.
Submission of complete Site Plan/Site Plan Amendment application including response to Municipality’s Submission Requirements Letter.
Development Services Department circulates application to Municipality departments/external agencies for review and comment.
Application reviewed and Preliminary Approval established.
Development Services Department prepares Preliminary Approval Letter outlining department/agency comments. Applicant to prepare and submit revised drawings. Revised submission is circulated to affected departments and agencies only.
Development Services Department Sign-off of revised submission.
Report to Council to approve site plan and to bring forward a by-law to authorize execution of the same. Applicant may appeal the refusal or the conditions to Ontario Municipal Board (O.M.B) (Within 20 days decision of Council)
Site Plan Agreement prepared for Owner’s signing. Upon return of the signed Agreement, the Municipality executes and registers the Site Plan Agreement on title.
Submission of Building Permit application in conformity with the registered Site Plan Agreement.