Municipality of Bayham

Source Water Protection

Drinking Water Source Protection has been identified as the first line of defense in protecting Ontario's drinking water. The Clean Water Act, its regulations and other provincial guidance documents outline a process to develop a source protection plan for the Long Point Region watershed. This work is being guided by the Lake Erie Region Source Protection Committee and involves municipalities, farmers, businesses, industry, residents and others.

Drinking Water Source Protection will allow for the identification of risks to municipal water quality and water supplies, and the creation of a plan to reduce those risks.

The Source Protection Plan will determine areas that are vulnerable, identify potential threats and develop plans to deal with the threats to municipal drinking water sources.

The Municipality of Bayham and Haldimand, Norfolk and Oxford Counties manage eleven municipal drinking water systems that are sourced by waters from within the Long Point Region Source Protection Area. Seven of these systems draw water from groundwater sources; one system is supplied by both groundwater and surface water; and three systems are supplied by intakes in Lake Erie.

We all have a role to play in caring for our water. If we want clean water tomorrow, we need to protect our sources of water today.

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