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Firefighters train twice monthly for a total of four hours per month.  The Department's training committee develops a strategic training plan for each calendar year focusing on the components of the Ontario Fire College firefighter curriculum.  Automated External Defibrillation, First Aid and other specialty programs (e.g. driver training).

Firefighters are also provided opportunity to attend the Ontario Fire College to further their interests in Fire Prevention, Public Education, Company Officer and other specialized (e.g. water/ice rescue) programs.

Additional training opportunities are also provided by local regional fire schools and training sessions hosted by neighbouring municipalities and the Ontario Fire College.

Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment

Recruitment of Volunteer Firefighters is conducted on an as needed basis as openings occur at one or both fire stations.

The Municipality of Bayham Fire Department utilizes an Auxiliary Volunteer Firefighter Program. During the recruitment process the Department may receive more applicants meeting the minimum hiring requirements than the number of Volunteer Firefighter positions available. Individuals who meet the minimum requirements may be offered a position as an Auxiliary Volunteer Firefighter and upon meeting training and attendance requirements may be offered a position as a Volunteer Firefighter when an opening occurs.

The following links will provide you with more details on our recruitment process and a detailed job description. 

Volunteer Firefighter Application Form

Volunteer Firefighter Information Guide

Volunteer Firefighter Job Description

Alberta Fire Chief's Association created an impressive video that may be of interest to anyone considering applying to Bayham Fire and Emergency Services.  Click on Video to view.

For inquiries please contact:

Randy White | Fire Chief    


T:  519-866-5521