Municipality of Bayham


Throughout Bayham, you’ll find a number of quiet and well-kept cemeteries, many of which are located off of the beautiful country roads. It’s easy to miss them as they often seem to be in the middle of nowhere, but it actually adds to their appeal.

Old fences contain some of the cemeteries and once you leave and pull the gates shut, you wonder how long it may be before someone else comes across them and decides to stop.

Some of the stones date back as far as the late 1700’s, but the majority date back to the 1800’s. Many of these locations are still in use today.

Rules for Visitors
  • Visitors are always welcome dawn until dusk.
  • The caretaker and his assistants are empowered and are required to preserve order and decorum in the Cemetery.
  • No parades, other than funeral processions shall be admitted to or organized within the Cemetery.
  • Children under the age of sixteen years are not admitted to the grounds except in the charge of an adult, who shall be responsible for their conduct.
  • No animals shall be allowed in the Cemetery.
  • No picnic party shall be permitted in Cemetery grounds.
  • All persons, with the exception of the interment rights holders from their own lots only, are prohibited from taking flowers, plants or other materials from lots or graves in the Cemetery or from picking any flowers, either wild or cultivated, or breaking any trees, shrub or plant; or writing upon, defacing or injuring any monument, fence or other structure in or belonging to the Cemetery; or from making any paths or short cuts across any part of the Cemetery.
  • Any concerns by interment rights holders or visitors should be made to the Secretary-Treasurer of the individual Board as listed. 

Bayham Municipal Cemeteries Decoration Days

3rd Sunday in August - Straffordville
3rd Sunday in August - Calton and Smuck
4th Sunday in August - Best, Bayham West(Richmond), Light, Guysboro
4th Sunday in August - St. Luke's Anglican (not a municipal cemetery)
1st Sunday in September - Eden
2nd Sunday in November - Estherville (Service at 2 pm)


Bayham Cemeteries Regulatory By-law

By-law 2015-116 - Management, Regulation & Control of Cemeteries

By-law 2016-057 - Cemetery Schedules

          Schedule 'A' - Contract 

          Schedule 'B' - Interment Rights

          Schedule 'C' - Interment Rights Resale Endorsement

          Schedule 'D' - Interment Permission Form

          Schedule 'E' - Interment Rights Transfer Form

          Schedule 'F' - Repurchase of Interment Rights Request Form

          Schedule 'G' - Columbarium

          Schedule 'H' - Cemetery Price List

          Bayham Cemeteries Maps

For inquiries and information on cemeteries, contact:

Lorne James | Treasurer


T:  519-866-5521