Municipality of Bayham

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The Municipality of Bayham has many fantastic community parks and greenspaces to explore providing opportunities for all ages to be active.

All Municipal Parks and Green spaces are Smoke-free

It is now illegal to smoke within 20 metres of any children’s playground or sports fields, including spectator areas.

A children’s playground is:

  • An area primarily used for children’s recreation and equipped with children’s play equipment, such as:
    • slides  
    • swings
    • climbing apparatuses
    • splash pads
    • wading pools, or
    • sandboxes.

Sports fields and spectator areas apply to spaces:

  • owned by the province, a municipality, colleges and universities,
  • used primarily for sports, such as soccer, football, basketball, beach volleyball or skateboarding (with the exception of golf),
  • open to the public whether or not a fee is charged to enter.


If you have questions or require clarification on the smoke-free law, please call Elgin St. Thomas Public Health at 519-631-9900 and ask to speak with a Tobacco Enforcement Officer.

Are you a parent, coach, or sports and recreation organization leader?  Learn more about the Play, Live, Be Tobacco Free Initiative.

For general inquires or to report graffiti, long grass, needles or other maintenance concerns call T: 519-866-5521.