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By-laws can be found in the repository below.  Some frequently referenced by-laws are: 

2017-068: Noise By-law 

2023-011: Dog Control By-law 

2015-070: Prohibited Animal By-law 

2023-061: Parks and Recreation By-law (includes beach provisions) 

2016-014: Traffic and Parking By-law  

2017-121: Burning By-law 

2021-037: ATV By-law (amended by 2023-072) 

2018-037: Lot Maintenance By-law 

2023-021: Council & Committee Procedural By-law 

2023-095: Rates and Fees By-law 

2009-086: Refreshment Vehicle By-law 

Z465-2003: Zoning By-law    * See the Zoning By-law Page for additional information. 

The Municipality of Bayham makes every effort to ensure documents are accessible. If you require further assistance with a document from our website, please contact the Clerk. 

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