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Budgets & Finances

Section 290(1) of the Municipal Act requires local municipalities in each year to prepare and adopt a budget. The Municipality of Bayham currently prepares three budgets:

  1. Capital Budget
  2. Operating Budget
  3. 10-Year Capital Plan

Council encourages public consultations during the budget creation process. The purpose of the consultation is to ensure public input, in advisory nature, is heard prior to Council deliberating the budgets. Public comments obtained during the consultation period are incorporated as an appendix within the Staff Report presented to Council during the respective budget meetings. 

The budget consultation period generally runs from February - August within a given year. Comments are to be submitted to

2024 Budget Deliberations 

Council considered and passed in principle the 2024 Capital Budget and 10 Year Capital Plan at a Special Meeting held Tuesday, October 3, 2023. 

Council considered the draft 2024-2025 Operating Budget at the January 9, 2024 Special Meeting. As Council’s top priority is to pay off the Ojibwa debt as much as possible before March 2025, the proposed budget reflected an 11.34 percent tax increase to achieve this while meeting legislative requirements and without cutting services. Council ultimately directed staff to report back with a supplementary report identifying potential areas of cost savings in discretionary service areas. A Special Meeting will be scheduled to consider the Operating Budget again in March.

View historic and current budget documents below: 

View financial statements below: 

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