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Public Works

The Public Works department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all municipal roads, and the maintenance of municipal trails, facilities, and recreation amenities. Public Works also oversees maintenance works on County roads, in accordance with a Roads Maintenance Agreement with Elgin County.

See additional Public Works information below: 

Every year, Bayham Council receives and approves a Winter Operations Plan for the upcoming winter season. The Winter Operations Plan refers to services provided, maintenance standards, the patrol plan, and the level of service provided to Bayham residents.

View the 2023-2024 Winter Operations Plan

Public Works staff may from time to time declare a Significant Weather Event in Bayham. This is done in accordance with Provincial legislation and the Municipality's Significant Weather Event Policy.

Significant Weather Events apply to winter weather conditions that are deemed hazardous, and generally apply to snow and/or ice accumulation on roadways and/or sidewalks.

During a Significant Weather Event, the Municipality deems all roadways and sidewalks in a state of repair until the Event ends. Notice of the Event is posted through the News Module.

The half-load season on certain municipal roads runs from March to April 30 each calendar year in accordance with By-law No. 2009-045.


Exemptions from half-loads may be requested through the Manager of Public Works. Requests should include the size/weight and nature of the load, and the route.

The Manager of Public Works will assess the request in accordance with the Comprehensive Road Care, Use, and Entrance By-law. If approval is granted:

  • Staff will inspect the road prior to use to establish a baseline condition
  • Staff will inspect the road after use to assess condition and any damage
  • Damage will be at the sole cost of the requestor
  • Staff may halt the process at any time due to damage and require use of half-loads.

View the Half-load Map

If you have any concerns about a municipal roadways, bridge, culvert, park, or facility requiring attention by staff, please submit a Service Request Form to our office.

Staff address Service Requests in a timely manner based on priority.

If you have a Special Event requiring a road closure or road use, please refer to the Municipal Assistance section of our website for more information. 

The Municipality may from time to time close roads for construction, maintenance, or emergencies.

Road Closure Notices will be posted through the News Module for public communication.

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