Municipality of Bayham

Building Services

The Municipality of Bayham Building Department administers the provisions of the Ontario Building Code and local Zoning Regulations, promoting public safety through the Chief Building Official (CBO).  The CBO is bound by the Municipality of Bayham Building Official Code of Conduct By-law 2005-052.

The Municipality of Bayham Building Department provides the following services:

  • Plans Review - confirming compliance with the Ontario Building Code (OBC)
  • Issue Building Permits
  • Issue Plumbing Permits
  • Issue Demolition Permits
  • Inspections
  • Property Addressing


  Are you building or planning on a building a new multi-unit building such as an apartment?  Did you know that you can legally implement a smoke-free policy for your building? 

There are many benefits to enforcing a smoke-free housing policy including:

  • reduce the risk of fires
  • lower insurance fees
  • create a healthier environment
  • decrease unit turnover costs

For more information, visit:

 When in doubt about any proposed work requiring a building permit, contact the CBO:

Scott Sutherland 
Chief Building Official