Municipality of Bayham

Municipal Lottery Licensing

General Information

A lottery event contains three elements:  consideration or fee, chance and prize(s).  Consideration may be direct or indirect.  Only those lottery events approved by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) may be licensable.  These approved lottery events are detailed in the Lottery Licensing Policy Manual (LLPM) available on the AGCO website.

Only eligible charitable organizations can apply for a municipal lottery license.  Eligibility for lottery licensing is based on four charitable categories:

1. Relief of Poverty

2. Advancement of Religion

3. Advancement of Education

4. Charitable Purposes Beneficial to the Community. 

Lottery Fees

Lottery Licensing Fees
Lottery Licence Fee: 3% of prize amount - Raffles, Bazaar, Break Open Nevada, Bingo etc. 
Licence Minimum Fee: $10

Use of Proceeds

Funds raised through municipal lottery licensing can only be used for charitable purposes and must be in compliance with a charitable organization's mandate.  For more information on eligible use of proceeds, refer to the AGCO website: or contact the municipal office at 519-866-5521.

Conduct of the Event

No person directly involved in or responsible for the conduct of the lottery event shall participate as a player in any lottery during the event.  The licensee shall not allow any person apparently under the age of 18 to participate as a player in any lottery.

Bazaar License

A Bazaar means an event where any combination of the following lotteries may be conducted: 

a) a raffle not exceeding $500 in prizes 

b) a bingo not exceeding $500 in prizes 

c) a maximum three wheels of fortune with a maximum $2 bet. 

A Bazaar license includes Penny Auction Sales.

The Bazarr Licence application can be obtained on-line at the link.  All forms must be signed and submitted to the municipal office for eligibility review and processing. 

Raffle License

 A raffle lottery is a scheme where tickets are sold for a chance to win a prize in a draw.  The different types of raffle schemes are usually identified by the method of determining the winner.  Prizes may consist of merchandise and/or cash.  As a raffle is a type of lottery, it must be licensed regardless of the size of the prize or whether it is open to the public in accordance with the Criminal Code of Canada.  Link to the AGCO website for Raffle License Terms & Conditions:  Raffle License  and/or Blanket Raffle License

Permitted Raffle Lottery Events

Stub Draws, Elimination Draws, Calendar Draws, Sports Raffles, Rubber Duck Races, 50/50 Draws, Blanket Raffle License, Bossy Bingo/Cow Patty Bingo, Penny Auctions, Meat Spins/Turkey Rolls, , "Name That Raffle".

Break Open Tickets (BOT) License

Break open tickets are instant win lottery tickets commonly known as pull tab, Nevada or break open tickets.  Maximum licensing period shall not exceed one year.  A license may last for the period indicated on the license or whenever the licensee completes the ticket sales, whichever comes first.  Link to the AGCO website for Break Open License Terms & Conditions:  Break Open License  


Margaret Underhill  | Lottery Licensing Officer


T:  519-866-5521  ext 222