Municipality of Bayham

Recycling and Waste Management

Recycling & Waste Management, how does it work?

Understanding how the funding model for recycling material in Ontario works is critical to understanding the importance of diversion rates.  Recycling is one of the few opportunities where citizen’s efforts can directly correlate into increased revenue for the Municipality.  Firstly, the Municipality receives a share of the revenue for marketed recyclable materials.  In short, the more the Municipality recycles, the more revenue the Municipality generates from the Material Recovery Facility.  Secondly, Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) provides funding to all Municipalities based off of a formula which is calculated by factoring in Net Cost of Recycling Program (50% weight), Recovered Tonnage (35% weight) and WDO Datacall Best Practices (15% weight).

Simply, the WDO formula creates an opportunity for additional revenue with additional recycling.  Consequentially, the more the Municipality recycles and the less that is sent to the landfill, the greater the savings to the Municipality.

Take the time to review the Diversion Services section to learn more about how you can increase waste diversion from the land fill.